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Multi country consolidations

Multi country consolidations & Partnership:

we are optimizing the container load across multiple origins and destinations, consolidations worldwide from multiple origins how does it work:

a)         Purchase orders to suppliers, it should be copied to Sea Sand Shipping staff.

b)         The supplier will start to prepare your order and supplier arrange date and time for delivery to us or our staff can pick it up from the supplier warehouse as well.

c)          The shipments are transported from suppliers to Sea Sand Shipping origin facility.

d)         Sea Sand shipping received the shipment process is reported.

e)          Customer shipments shipped to the consolidations center where they are received and stored.

f)           Consolidations and shipping process reported to the business partner

g)         Customs documents is completed and filed 

h)         More of transport is selected and shipment  loaded

i)           Customer container is delivered to his destination, or deconsolidated at our distributions center.